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I was born in Ellis, Kansas, where children could walk from town, roam freely in the hills and ravines of prairie pasture. Our family also enjoyed property in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. These two environments instilled an awe of both vast panoramic beauty and exquisite beauty in subtle detail.

After college graduation, and several years of rural ranch life, I briefly worked for the Navajo Tribe in New Mexico, and subsequently worked throughout Western, Mid-Atlantic, and New England states. Each area left an influence, a perspective, on my art. Reality in Boston or Washington, DC is not alien to me, but it definitely affects how I interpret life on the high plains.

My paintings are mostly imaginary interpretations of real places, often reflecting a surrealistic quality, and sometimes a transcendental quality as well. That said, I wouldn't hesitate to begin an abstract series, a set of religious icons, or anything else which really interested me.


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