The Original “Hog Farm” building had two tiny 2' wide doors on the east and west ends of the south side, a small garage door in the center of the west end, and four tiny 12”x 24” windows: two north side and two south side. The inside walls and ceiling were mould and filth covered; without lighting, the inside was dark. All of the original remaining 1928 sq.ft., was open with a rough, concrete floor slanting 18” over the 32' width.

The kitchen shown at right, is built on what was the original hog farm office, the enclosing walls stood on a small 120 sq.ft., levelled and raised office floor, the west wall at the end of the sink counter. Wood flooring levelled the interior area, 30”x 36” casement windows replaced the originals, a large 36” insulated steel doors replaced the originals to back office and east, while 72” insulated steel french doors replaced the original west end door. The utility room is behind the folding doors pictured in the kitchen jammed with a furnace, water heater, water softener, washer and dryer. Two bathrooms are adjacent to the utility room to centralize the plumbing runs, and two bedrooms are next to the bathrooms. A small office exists in the expanded hallway between the gallery and kitchen.

Storage, work area, fume vent room, west end of gallery

east end of gallery

north wall of gallery


Picture Hanging System

Custom Fume Vent