Art Rental Program

We are presently offering an Art Rental Program for professional, industrial, and commercial offices. If one of the Available Inventory pieces would be attractive in your office, please telephone, email, or write.

We will deliver the painting to your office and hang it as instructed. Every month or quarterly – as you prefer – we will send a statement for the rental period. If you tire of the painting after several months and want to return it, give us a call or write an email or letter, and we'll pick it up. If you wish to keep the painting, when the rental price of the painting has been paid in rent (list price plus an additional 20% service fee divided into 24 month payments), you will be notified that the painting is yours to keep. These payments are relatively small, and as a lease expense for business use, they may be tax deductible. This is an experimental program which may be cancelled at any time, and is offered at our discretion based on client location, and how we feel about a given arrangement. That said, we want to hang these paintings where we can!

For home use only?

We can make arrangements for installment payments by credit card, check, PayPal, etc., but the painting must be paid for, completely including shipping charges, before taking possession of the art.

If you would like to visit the gallery, to meet us , or to pick up your selected art work, we would welcome your visit. Hours are by appointment, but we will be very flexible, and accommodating.


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